Business Activities

The Company was established under the name PT Falmaco Indonesia in 1996. Its main business activities focus on manufacturing tissue products and nonwoven fabrics. The production of tissue and nonwoven fabrics is then processed into various products including household sanitation products and hygienic products. All products produced by the Company have been tested and meet international health standards. The Company also conducts periodic inspections and audits to maintain the level of health and hygiene so as not to affect the quality of the products made.

Some Of The Main Products Produced By The Company


is a wet tissue product that has various variants according to consumer needs. One of them is Wetkins Baby Wet Wipes which are used to clean baby’s skin using a specially fabricated cleanser that does not contain alcohol to provide comfort and health for baby’s skin. Wetkins also produces Clean n’ Flush toilet paper which is biodegradable so that the product can be decomposed more easily, making it more environmentally friendly.

Falmed +

Consist Of :
– Nonwoven Dry Wash Gloves – Fogging Liquid
– Sanitizing Wash Gloves – Sterile Nonwoven Gauze
– Bed Sheet – Protective Coverall Seal
– Bed Liner – Protective Coverall Non-Seal
– Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer – Surgical Gown
– Hand Sanitizing Wipes – Disposable Apron
– Alcohol Swab – Surgical Mask
– Alcohol Surface Sanitizing Wipes


It is a multipurpose wipe product made of nonwoven material. This wipecloth can easily remove stains and dust in no time, and is excellent for cleaning both dry and wet areas without leaving scratches on the surface. The following are the types of Polymorph products based on their thickness:

Polymorph Light Duty

Developed as a cleaning cloth for light cleaning activities such as furniture, household appliances, electronic equipment, and others.

Polymorph Medium Duty

Developed for industrial and commercial sectors where cleaning cloths play an important role in daily activities.

Polymorph Heavy Duty

With a much stronger and thicker absorbency, this variant can be used for cleaning ranging from automotive to outdoor work.


Ranging from wet wipes to female hygiene and beauty care products. One of Volare’s products is Cleansing Wipes & Make up Remover to remove make up on women effectively. This product is made with a special liquid that does not contain alcohol so that it can clean the face without causing dry skin.

The Company also produces Volare Female Hygiene Wet Wipes which are biodegradable wet wipes containing Lactic Acid and Lactoserum with PH balance to maintain the cleanliness of the feminine area. In addition, there are Volare Facial Cotton Cleansing Wipes which are made from nonwoven fabric to clean the face from residual make-up, and can also be used to clean nail polish.

Private labels product

INDOMARET is one of the main customers who cooperate with the Company. The Company cooperates with Indomaret to produce two types of Indomaret wet wipes, namely Indomaret Wet Wipes and Indomaret Baby Wet Wipes. The product will then be distributed by Indomaret on a national scale.

In addition to these two products, Indomaret also has Multipurpose Napkin products produced by the Company. This Multipurpose Napkin is made of nonwoven with strong absorption and serves to clean various kinds of equipment ranging from household appliances to automotive.

MOMAMI is a brand of wet wipes from PT Kanmo Group (Multitrend). Momami has collaborated with the Company since 2018. The Momami brand products produced by the Company are Antibacterial Wipes, Water wipes, Saline wipes, Pacifier wipes, Citrapella wipes & tooth and gum. The marketing of this momami product is for Mothercare outlets, Century and several modern markets in the Jabodetabek area.

ANDALAN cooperate with the Company to produce products related to female hygiene. The company is trusted by both brands to produce wet wipes with a balanced pH to maintain the cleanliness of the feminine area.

QUEEN is one of the legendary Chinese Restaurant in the city of Bandung. Currently Queen makes wet wipes with the Queen brand for restaurant visitors. Queen Restaurant has collaborated with the Company since 2008 until now.

PSU is a supplier of cutlery for PT Freeport Indonesia. PSU wet wipes are produced by the Company and distributed specifically to Freeport employees which are combined with other eating utensils.

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