Commitment in Maintaining Quality

We invest heavily in state-of-the art machinery to provide products of the highest quality. By performing regular tests and audits, we continue utmost importance on hygiene and quality and maintain the highest standards in our production. Ultimately, we never compromise on the quality of our raw materials and packaging.

Commitment in Implementing Social Responsibilities

We highly regard not only the people who work with us, but also the surrounding communities in our factories. As a result, we continue to implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that responds to the demand of the society. We strive to provide our communities with essential benefits and support to improve the quality of their lives.

Our Recent CSR Activity

COVID-19 CSR Donation Assistance by PT. Falmaco Nonwoven Industri

Falmaco Nonwoven Industry constantly seeks to help society through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Our recent CSR programs include the COVID-19 CSR Donation Assistance to residents of West Bandung Regency (29/4). We supplied basic goods and necessities, including rice, cooking oil, and instant noodles. The assistance was handed over directly to the West Bandung Regency Government in the technical distribution.